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~ Our next litter is planned for Fall of 2019! ~

"True Works of Art"

Registered Chihuahua breeder producing quality Long Coat and Smooth Coat Chihuahuas for both pet and show homes.
Proud Breeder of Quality Chihuahuas since 1998


Our famous "Calendar Cover Chihuahuas" !!!

Chihuahuas we have bred are featured on Calendar Covers distributed worldwide and in stores!
Click Here to see the covers!

New Covers for 2019!!

Picasso Chihuahuas on the Radio !!!

CBC Edmonton Morning Radio public Interview with Host Mark Connolly on Dec 7, 2016!

Click Here for the Radio interview audio link on "How to Choose A Good Pet Breeder" with Karin Daehn of Picasso Chihuahuas!


~ The Home of Canada's #2 Long Coat (and #1 Long Coat Male) in Canada for 2017 ~
Am Ch/Can GCH Diadem Choice Morsel


Some noted dogs of our Picasso History!

Am/Can CH Picasso's That's Amore
#3 Long Coat Canada, 2005

Am/Can CH Mina's-Picasso Designer Genes
#2 Long Coat Canada, 2003

Can, N, Dk, Fin, Nord CH Picasso's Viva Las Vegas
#5 Long Coat Denmark, 2007

Can CH Picasso's Lil Checkers
Top Ranked Canada Long Coat at only 7 months old, 2008

Can CH Samajoto's High Caliber
#5 Long Coat Canada, 1999



Chihuahuas are a joy to own and love. The warm, loving, devoted personalities enrich the soul, and they can be one of life's joys. We were drawn to Chihuahuas by their beauty and personality.

        Picasso Chihuahuas is registered with the Canadian Kennel Club, and we have and raise both Canadian Kennel Club and American Kennel Club registered Chihuahuas. We feel that showing is an important part of raising Chihuahuas. Although people that are looking for a pet puppy may not care to have a show dog, they do care that their dog has a good temperament around strangers (allows veterinary examinations, etc), that it can move properly, and is healthy and looks like a Chihuahua. We show our Chihuahuas as a hobby to prove just that and they do quite well! If you are looking for a Chihuahua, whether it is a pet or a show dog, that is thoughtfully bred with care and knowledge of the breed and from fully health cleared parents, please contact us for details about what we have available. Our puppies are available to approved homes only, so please tell us a little bit about yourself, your family and your household. We produce Chis on a limited basis with the purpose of improving the breed one step at a time, generation by generation, to produce a beautiful, healthy, sound Chihuahua that will be a wonderful companion or a great show dog. Pedigrees and type are researched thoroughly. Because they look like such beautiful Chihuahuas and because they are healthy, future generations of owners can take pride in showing or owning this special type of dog. All our dogs are raised in a home environment, which we feel is important for the happiness of this toy breed.

        Breeding healthy and pretty Chihuahuas is not easy, and unfortunately, some people look to breeding as a quick way to make money. If you breed Chihuahuas the right way you never make money. Breeding quality Chihuahuas takes a great deal of time, expertise, financial resources, and love for the breed. There are many rewards when bringing  a beautiful, healthy Chihuahua into the world; however, along with the rewards can come heartache and much work. Even if a puppy or dog is sold a good breeder will always be committed to that dog for life.

        This site focuses mainly on the Chis that we and our family have the privilege of owning, showing and loving, including current puppies and show hopefuls. At times we provide puppies and adults to people for breeding and show purposes. For those who have no desire to show or breed the Chihuahua, we do have loving pets available.

        Please do explore the rest of our site to find information about us and the breed as well as our Chihuahuas.

Am/Can CH Picasso's Oh Cara Mia
Chihuahua Club of America National, Chicago, 2005


To maintain and purify the health of the Chihuahua breed, all dogs used for breeding are:
OFA certified to be free of Patella Luxation
CERF Eye cleared by a board certified Ophthalmologist
Cleared of any heart defects

(learn more about health testing by clicking here)

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Contact Information

Karin and Cheryl Daehn
Leduc & Edmonton, Alberta
(780) 433-8553


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